have always been a creative person. When I was younger, I could draw just about anything. I also had a great talent for mimicry. My joy was acting on stage.

I was an actor in a traveling dinner theatre troupe for many years prior to my youngest child being born. Once he was born, there was just no more room for theatre.

I began working as an accounting administrator for an electronics recycling company. It was there that I saw first hand the destruction that our universal love for the next best thing was doing to this world we live in. Unfortunately, bad economic times don't bode well for industries such as these. People buy less, and they certainly don't want to pay to have the items recycled responsibly. I was laid off.

I am not a stay at home mom!!! I became depressed and bored.

One day I was on the computer doing yet another job search and I was drinking a coke. Inspiration hit me and I've been doing this ever since!

My art has evolved since then...from simple soda can and paper beads to more complex pieces. I now incorporate paper quilling, recycled book art, and other things as they strike my fancy.

I try to stay true to my vision and to make a shop full of fun and quirky items.

I am a work in Progress and I'm loving every minute of it!