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Chair is a Chair is a Chair...
It’s already been described in a variety of ways: the friend next door, the socializer and the Prosecco-pleaser. It doesn’t matter how you describe the Seaser. When you sit in this chair, you instantaneously feel like the emperor of Rome. Ergonomically, with its open seating position, the chair is designed to engage you in the conversation, while providing sufficient lower back support.
Says product designer Rogier Waaijer: I often get my inspiration from nature. That may also be the reason why the chair ended up with such an organic shape. It looks like a sculpture, but then an extremely comfortable one!
The Seaser is made of a single piece of polyethylene and is hollow. To realize this design, Waaijer chose a production technique known as rotational moulding. This process enabled us to achieve very high standards in the final product. But there are other advantages as well. The polyethylene material is weather proof, easy to clean, 100% recyclable and indestructible. Rainwater is drained off automatically through the openings on the sides of the chair.

Seaser: garden/ beach/ lounge chair
size: h: 68.5, w: 73, d: 82cm
material: PE (Polyethylene)
weight: standard ca. 11kg
optional weight: up to ca. 30kg
use: in/ outdoor
and: easy to clean

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