Ceramic sailing boat with colourful flags

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Ceramic sailing boat with colourful flags is a stoneware clay boat outline sculpture with wire mast and fabric flags.
The vessel is a solid, stoneware clay, trapezoid shape, that stands on its own, like any sculpture.This particular boat though, is ready to hang on the wall, if you'd like to have it on your wall after all.

The vessel is coloured in stripes of rusty red, faded orange, white and turquoise.It is painted with high fire oxides on both sides.
The mast and ropes are made of thick, metal wire and there is an additional decor of colourful flags on the sides. On top of its central mast, the boat sports a Greek flag.
The listing is for one boat only!
The brighter red one.

This sailing boat measures about 14 cm in height x 9 cm in length x 2 cm in width.It has a nice weight and can very well be a lovely paperweight.

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