What If... Designs


First, let me say thanks for taking the time to see some of my work and for reading a little about me. The internet is so overwhelming nowadays, it’s a wonder how anyone can stop on a particular page for more than 2 minutes and read about a perfect stranger.

Now, for some fun facts;
I used my Montgomery G.I bill money I got from serving to go to woodworking school.
After that, I floated around different woodworking shops only to discover that I was a much better designer than a woodworker. Some people tell me I’m a good designer because I actually know how furniture should be built. I think it’s safe to say that most furniture designers didn’t spend four years of their lives in woodworking school, taking raw wood and turning into something functional. I feel very fortunate to have come from that.
Speaking of functional, my ethos is the same as all great designers. That is, “Form Must Always Follow Function”.
I’m sure we all know by now that trees look the way they do because that’s exactly how they need to be designed in order for them to thrive.
The tree to me is the epitome of Form Following Function.

The tree is my standard, it is the bar that I’m trying to reach.
A tree is mighty and durable. I want my furniture to be strong and well built.
A tree is beautiful and timeless. I want my furniture to me super cool and never trendy.

Thanks again for taking the time.