Natalie Joy


The Natalie Joy jewelry line was developed by designer Natalie Joy Miller in the winter of 2010 inside of a walk in closet. After studying and creating small-scale sculptures at Evergreen State College, she spent five years as a manager at a large scale jewelry production company hand making and distributing jewelry to hundreds of boutiques across the country. The desire to create her own line of jewelry came naturally. Over the past four years inspiration has been derived from her time in the Pacific Northwest as well as the moon, stars, rivers, thunder, highways, mountains, fables, and family traditions. Every piece is handmade in her Portland, OR studio using both unique and traditional metalworking techniques. By mixing clean lines and shapes with melted silver studs and natural materials such as bee’s wings, volcanic ash, and rough-hewn diamonds the Natalie Joy line is both organic and refined.

Natalie Joy the person loves to travel, collect miniatures, read fantasy novels, tell ghost stories and wander around the city of Portland. She also believes in fairies and the power of crystals, is horrible at doing accents, loves to garden, get muddy, and take care of her chickens.