Late Sunday Afternoon


Where were you late Sunday afternoon? People watching at your favorite cafe over a hot cup of mint tea? Cuddled up to your favorite person watching the tide come in? Coming back from a weekend away from the rush of the routine?

I created Late Sunday Afternoon as way to inspire that perfect time in the week when cares are minimal, love is flowing and time is eternal. And I believe that this perfect time should come wrapped in a perfect garment.

Every wrap, shawl, ascot, handkerchief, bandana & pocket-square is made by hand in Venice California, USA. Everything produced is limited. The material and quantity determine the price. All garments have special powers for specific types of people. Each item produced is knotted and blessed to: LOVE, ADVENTURE, HAPPINESS, & MYSTERY.

Late Sunday's have been in my blood for generations. My grandparents were garment industry workers. My mother was a clothing buyer. And, I have always been inspired by how people, from all different walks and ways, wrap themselves in their history, their culture and their time.

Having lived in 16 places in 10 years, I have become an expert traveler. From India to Amsterdam, I have witnessed people using clothing old and new to protect and warm their necks, their babies, their bodies. I have been inspired by how deeply clothing and culture are interwoven and how a pattern or texture can tell an entire story of a family's heritage.