Rianna Phillips


Aged 25, textile surface designer Rianna Phillips is on a mission to bring manufacturing back to the u.k. Each piece is designed and hand crafted in her home country England.

Sustainability is an important issue within the fashion industry and Rianna tackles this head on by creating her accessories using ‘engineered print design’. Working with the precise dimension of each product, the pattern pieces can be jigsawed seamlessly together allowing extremely minimal wastage per roll of fabric. The small percentage of excess fabric is fully utilised and turned into one off premium designs sold at the Rianna Phillips Etsy store, where her full collection is also available.

The inspiration behind print ranges is meticulously gathered whilst travelling either in the UK or further afield. To date collections have featured photographic and abstract elements captured in Australia, Malta, London, Tunisia, Cheshire, Manchester and The Lake District.

Rianna graduated from Manchester school of Art in 2011 where she studied ‘Textile Design for Fashion’. Whilst working as a fashion design intern the following year she began to piece together ideas for her own label. In 2012 her debut collection launched online and 2013 saw in her first range to be presented to the press.

Returning to her roots, Rianna is also an associate lecturer at Manchester School of Art where she tutors on the course ‘Textiles in Practice’.