How Woodendot started

Woodendot came about as the result of a series of coincidences and circumstances, of sensations and shared experiences which gave shape and sense to it.

To live and grow up surrounded by wood, learn without realising from those who have worked with wood all their lives, you feel it as something familiar that has grown next to you. This is the experience that Daniel, the Founding Partner of Woodendot has lived throughout his life in the Spanish region of Land of Pines (Tierra de Pinares), where his family and over 80% of the inhabitants of this area devoted their lives to the act of crafting products from wood.

Years later, Daniel and MarĂ­a, two old university friends, decided to take part in a design competition, in order to jointly create something new that combined their different points of view. Working together on the design was fun. They won the completion and started thinking about working together; bringing their creativity, their professional and personal experience and their passion for design into the creation of new things.

Woodendot was thus created to provide unique products that encapsulate the design values of Daniel and Maria with the manufacturing skill of the master craftsmen of Tierra de Pinares. Products that are made locally with an international perspective.